Art Walk Little Italy

I managed to trick the kids into going to the annual Art Walk with me this year.


They really didn’t have a choice, but sometimes I let them pretend they do.   I told them we were meeting grandma for a special treat.

I lied.

They did enjoy some of the paintings of bugs and one man’s extremely colorful pottery.  It wasn’t until we hit the kids area that they perked up a bit.


There were all kinds of little art projects for kids to do.  There  was a rhythm circle, a tent that worked with only recycled and re-purposed items, a wood working section that had wooden animals for kids to paint, and this neat tent


It was about waste that wound up in the oceans and how it affected sea creatures.  After reading the cool little messages written on the inside of the tarp, I realized my kids could give two poops about all that.  All they wanted to do was run around in side and come screaming out the “ocean” opening.  Thankfully the circus act started before my circus got going.  It was a really cool show put on by The Lindley Lopez Circus.  The show was Oz themed and kept the boys in awe for over an hour.



All in all, it was a good few hours and I felt good about putting my boys in the face of some culture.


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Life.  It happens faster every year.  One day your hanging with your buds, pondering the consequences of ditching class, the next you  have theseIMG_0357


Okay, it didn’t happen that fast.  It just feels like it sometimes.  Then I look at how many years are still left ahead and I relax a little.  Just a little.  Usually by this time some object has gone whizzing by my head and some little voices are yelling

“Stop touching me!!!”

“Then move out of my spot.”

“I was here first!!”

Ahhh, the joys of life!

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